exploring the theme, what i did and what i do. vulnerability is the path to connection, so they say. stop avoiding the rough edges. don’t cover up, show it. take the rejections and lumps: move on to become the stronger & vulnerable person you are. 

this is old work, paper wrapping for shirts with uprooted trees. exploring the migration theme that is red thread in my life and the loss of stability. exhibition in 2013.
this is work from 2016, about the exclusion of undocumented refugees in amsterdam. part of a dialogue between the mayor and the woman from the shelter of amsterdam. performance and installation about disconnectedness and exclusion.
recent work, 2019. a cat falls. she is presumed to land on her paws. let’s hope so. getting to the core of things. fear. you are never safe. but trust on yourself.
in september 2019 i took the opportunity to start and reflect on my work by the theme vulnerability. this ribbon around my wrist (image) was wrapped around a gift a brazilian artist gave me. we both met during a series of lectures we gave about human rights & urbanism. she told me to take this small blue ribbon, express a thought in silence and work on that thought the coming time, see what happens then. once the ribbon starts to hurt my wrist, it will fall off and the thought materialises she said. i still have the ribbon, but it is starting to get too tight. i think it will fall off in a view weeks (december 2019). see what happens then.