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I am an activist, social designer & communicator. I write, teach, draw, build, inform, organize. 

Emergent Strategist and Social Innovator by Taking Action.

Being a multifaceted professional I identify myself as a strategic writer, designer, lecturer, human rights activist, artist and somehow a social worker although I am not trained to do this: I care for people. I am involved in the Co-Creative Agency, where I focus on shaping change to impact societies and worlds. I am actively setting up this agency – The Right to Create Productions – and the associated Right to Create Foundation. Initiatives that underline my commitment to collaborative and innovative approaches in my field of work and causes.

Additionally, my involvement in social and cultural projects has been seen and is ongoing since 2004. Before that time I squatted, moved around, but at the same time worked in the corporate world to get better insights in commericial communication strategies. I dedicated myself mainly to animal rights, working on boats, a tough person. After I became a mother, I realized how fragile human life can be. I softened up and included in my activsm the human being. Since then I have been working together with undocumented groups in art projects like Redocumented, the Solidarity App for information for undocumented people in 2013, the Good Morning Team, the We Are Here football team, the Amsterdam City Rights coalition, PrintRights, The City Rights App, Access Denied Agency Events, Chique Activism, Access to Healthcare, the right to Banking and other initiatives.

My involvement is part of my broader interest in strategy, social design and creative activism, where I seek ways to use my skills in conceptdevelopment, information design and art to advocate for social justice and civil rights, to engage in community-oriented projects with and by marginalized groups, or people in need of information: be it artists or refugees.

My work, particularly in the context of Amsterdam City Rights and other social initiatives, highlights my dedication to use co-creative tools to facilitate the access to human rights, particularly concerning marginalized and underserved communities. Making sure they have to opportunity to take the stand.